30 January 2006

"How are you gonna make a bomb? With chewing gum??"

"Why, you got any?"

While watching MacGyver today, I got to thinking about the values expressed by the show - stylish and fun-loving, MacGyver is a role model of yesteryear - he's a nice guy who always finishes first and preaches peace. The warmongers he goes up against are always sleazy and hateable. But this formula is secondary to the show's importance.

MacGyver is endlessly inventive - the main draw of the show is his command of a variety of engineering knowledge and his ability to think on his feet. However inaccurate the show's science may be, it's always rooted in fact and the ability of the protagonist to solve problems is the source of his glamour.

What other show has done so much to make science and creative thinking cool? And how many budding engineers today owe their initial interest in problem-solving to MacGyver? Paint me nostalgic, but nothing I can think of on television today glamourizes anything except the attainment of celebrity status and embarrassing oneself for vast sums of money. At a time when the Eastern world is exploding with scientific talent for low, low prices, it seems like we could use a few more 'thinking idols' in the living room instead of efforts to drive scientific theory from the classroom.

watching: MacGyver (duh)


Blogger glasshole said...

A-Men, sister.

See Also: The A-Team, four heads are better than one.


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