22 February 2006

i sing a song of ipod

so, been watching the Olympic thingy in Tu/orin/o a bunch, and i can't help but notice that a lot of the athletes be sportin' the white earbuds. Especially the renegade snowboard types, whom listened to their choice music during competition, (and maybe taking phone calls as well?) having been reportedly supplied with some sweet jackets.

this extensive ipodery is all well and good, but what are these people listening to? how did the itunes music store miss out on getting the celebrity playlists of the hippest Olympic athletes? Inquiring minds want to know, don't they?

in completely unrelated news, i also thought i'd send a little shout-out to a few of my current favorite podcasts. So here.

-and did we mention our disco? - some kinda dance club in london or something has some music from their friday night sets. sometime it sucks, but sometimes it's neato, and it's always an interesting idea.
-kcrw's morning becomes eclectic - smooth-talking brit nick harcourt gets some playtime with bands like arctic monkeys months before i hear anyone else talking about them. it's eclectic.
-ebert & roeper - it'd probably be better if it were just roeper and some other smarmy bastard, but it's funny when they argue.
-npr: wait wait...don't tell me! - another smarmy bastard i'm never awake to listen to at whatever time he's on the radio, but it's the best way to get your news a week late.
-escape pod - some geek in his basement reads submitted science fiction stories. real. cool.
-kcrw's design and architecture - some stuff i'm into.
-the ricky gervais show - the boss i love to hate interrogates the 'global village idiot,' carl pilkington.
-real time with bill maher - occaisional hits from very funny/political hbo show.
-the onion radio news - 'nuff said.
-the president's weekly radio address - almost ridiculous enough to be the real president. burn!


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