27 February 2006

ipod talk

an update on the iPod talk: i submitted it in engadget's 'what would jobs do 3' contest. They recieved over 350 entries, and happily my iPod talk submittal was among the 10% they included in their gallery. thought you'd like to know...

further update: someone said something nice about it on engadget, in response to favorable comments about a slider phone entry:

"98. oh, and btw: the iPhone? Come on guys, the iPod Talk is so much cooler. That's what an Apple Phone should look like. Very slick design.

Although I assume it's a pain in the ass to (jog)dial a number...

Posted at 4:54AM on Feb 28th 2006 by Hessi"

so, um, thanks for sticking up for the talk, hessi.


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