01 February 2006

one toe over the line...

I daresay all are aware of the dangers of 'Drinking & Driving' and, to a lesser degree, 'Drinking & Dialing,' a sure-fire way to make a social pariah of oneself. But only very, very recently have I become aware of the relatively new hazard of 'Drinking & Downloading.'

The rapid accumulation of pay-per-click downloadable content has resulted in more than one occasion of trying to sort out all the receipts in my mailbox the next day.

"I bought how many episodes of MacGyver?!?"

But the way entertainment is accessed is changing - one evidence of this is Soderbergh's Bubble and the uproar it has caused with the ginormous cinema chains. And by refusing to screen the film, they have decided not to make any money from it.

Chains are afraid people won't bother coming to the theater anymore, so they complain and boycott, but where are the efforts to make the cinema experience better? Why do I have to listen to people talk over the movie? Why do I have to get to the theater early to catch the '2wenty'? Why not have an internet tie-in to view & download content exclusive to a code printed on my ticket stub? And why, oh why, can't I get a beer at the theater??

At least then I would have already paid before drinking.

Watching: America's Ballroom Challenge (duh)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you, some sort of European commie traitor bastard? Buy a flask and sneak whiskey into the theater, like a true American Patriot.

You suck... you suck... you suck... (punctuation is everything, no?).

Wishing my blog wasn't broken,

Blogger glasshole said...

Oh! So it's broken! I thought you were just lazy.
I remember the last time we tried to get Matt to sneak whiskey into a theater. He kept it in his sweatshirt until the end of the film. It was a whole bottle of Bulleit, no less.

This is clearly evidence of his anti-american tendencies. I say we should monitor his phone calls. And keep him away from chewing gum. I don't trust him.

Blogger matt jordan said...

hey, i just thought i was supposed to sneak it in. no one said i had to drink it, too.

and keep in mind that when scott finally asked for it (he was the one with the soda) he managed to spill it everywhere. YOU-PEOPLE-SUCK!

Blogger glasshole said...

Yeah, no one said Scott was a patriot either, but don't try to shift the issue, you extremist. We're watching you.


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